Every week, Daniel and Gus pick five songs to share called The Starting Five. This week, they’re personally sharing these tracks as a feature.

Gus’ Picks

UGK -“Diamonds & Wood”

Some get erased and misplaced, trying to win the race/ Some try to hold on to they place, by smoking wit’ lace/ But see drugs and plastic thugs ain’t gon’ change the hood/ I’m smoking skunk and popping the trunk to make me feel good” –Pimp C

Truck North -“Capital Crime”

Another classic posse cut from Philly rap royalty and…Asher Roth who totally holds his own.

Yellokake -“Wit’yobitchasses

Groovy, funny and oh so real, just like she is in person.

Stephen Marley -“Iron Bars”

This one is for you Justin Offerman.

Skrewtape -“Run CMD 2012”

Apply pressure to the competition with this shit written in my composition, and I am too hot for niggas not to listen/ Intelligent rap, I’m fire-flame spittin’ cause my brain’s different/ This is what the entire game is missin

Daniel’s Picks

J Dilla “Reality T.V. (feat. Black Thought)”

While the soldiers bleed, the economy recede/ And all she want to watch is reality TV

Dr. Dre -“Bang Bang (feat. Hittman & Knoc-turn’al)”

Johnny got a shotgun/ And he ain’t even strong enough to cock one/ Fuck tryin to job hunt

Doomtree -“Bolt Cutter”

On point instrumentals? Let’s go.

Ugly Heroes -“Ugly (feat. DJ Eclipse)”

Hip-hop is alive and well.

Childish Gambino -“Silk Pillow (feat. Beck)”

I had no idea Beck could spit bars.

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