The Starting Five: 12/4/13


Every week, Daniel and Gus pick five songs to share called The Starting Five. This week, they’re personally sharing these tracks as a feature.

Gus’ Picks

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – “Move Somethin’”
The message in this song is unreal. One of my favorite memories with this song is hearing it at a Root’s concert before they performed. The crowd went OFF!

Madlib – “Funky Butt, Part 1”
This is most definitely funky and will most definitely make your butt funky.

Jurassic 5 – “Improvise”
One of my favorite things about J-5 is the chemistry they have amongst each other. With this song you can really hear it as they trade lines back and forth.

Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin’”
I think we all know why this song is on here. Spend that cheese.

Sergio Mendes – “Yes, Yes, Y’all”
This takes me back to my Brasil days. The smoothness of this track is unreal.

Daniel’s Picks

Capital STEEZ – “Dead Prez”
Is there a heaven for us hip-hop heathens? Big Pop and Pac even Eazy had the meaning.” Rest in peace young one. Always influential.

Public Enemy – “Harder Than You Think” 
Public Enemy’s ability to meld a song into an anthem is unprecedented. The high screeching horns and thumping percussion move like no other, and when I listen to this track I envision myself in the big city among millions making a difference.

Mellow Man Ace – “Ten La Fe”
An absolute beauty. 

Atmosphere – “Yesterday”
Talk about one of those last minute twists. Sad, insightful and inspiring, “Yesterday” makes me think how we should all cherish our loved ones.

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – “Chuck Berry (feat. Shawn Pen)”
Thank you Mello Music. 

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