A Bonus Cut Feature: Impact 89FM Interviews Grieves


Last week, our friends over at Impact 89FM interviewed Rhymesayers‘ own Benjamin Laub (aka Grieves). On his way through Michigan supporting his Back On My Grizzly tour, Grieves sat down with 89FM in Grand Rapids.

Like other Rhymesayers Entertainment artists, which include Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples and the late great Eyedea, Grieves’ music is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. Providing a steady dose on relationships, life and the uncertainties we all must face in due time, Grieves channels artists such as Cage and Slug and adds his own melancholy touch. His latest studio album, Together Apart (2011), is a vast exploration of childhood memories, mental mind games and personal adversity that dances with truthful rapping and emotional croons. Grieves is a testament to the raw emotion hip-hop possesses and the ability that MCs in the game have of telling stories and relaying them to millions.

Below is an interview with Grieves along with live performances of “No Matter What” and “Sunny Side Of Hell” at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


“No Matter What”

“Sunny Side Of Hell”

Many thanks to our dear friends over at The Impact for sharing! One love. 

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