Bonus Cut Poetry: “Body Talk” By Abby Conklin

This is the 13th installment of Bonus Cut Poetry, a new series that features original poems by Bonus Cut staff, artists and YOU! In this series, our mission is to bring people together in poetry, share stories and display wonderful artistic pieces. If you would like to have your poems in the next Bonus Cut Poetry installment, just email us at

Our 13th installment features Bonus Cut’s own Abby Conklin.

Body Talk
By: Abby Conklin

It’s not that your nerves
are shredded, so much as you
are nerves, rubbed
raw and sliced down.
You’re a graveyard
of what has been, what is,
and how you’ve failed
to take the trash out
again, delineations lost
on trains, nights, like this.
Oil-filled snow globes
whose blacks can’t hide
him touching her.  Does your skin
still crawl, so long after
it shouldn’t?

I tried sleeping in someone
else’s bed, and the blessing
was waking to his body’s distance.
Like it knew mine wanted
to scream in raw terror- what,
when, why, sung over on repeat.
Where are these ghosts
from?  Who taught you to scream?
Wait, better- who cares?

Talk to me about trespassed

Touch me, then.
Then, I will listen.

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4 thoughts on “Bonus Cut Poetry: “Body Talk” By Abby Conklin

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