Bonus Cut Poetry: “Your Brain, On” By Abby Conklin

This is Bonus Cut Poetry, a new series that features original poems by Bonus Cut staff, artists and YOU! In this series, our mission is to bring people together in poetry, share stories and display wonderful artistic pieces. If you would like to have your poems in the next Bonus Cut Poetry installment, just email us at

This installment features Bonus Cut’s own Abby Conklin.

Your Brain, On
for K.A.S.
By: Abby Conklin

You’re up late playing crazy
again, hamster on a wheel strapped
crosswise with Christmas lights.
Climbing an endless ladder.
Waiting for the same path to change.
Because maybe this time,
you’ll be lucky, maybe this time,
it won’t stay, and the show will end.
Stage lights blown.  You’ll be
too tired to run anymore.

Change, then? Better,
Then? Running, turning,
until there is magic.  Magic
at 3am, in the way your
nightmares stop.  Magic
in your skin, the way
it no longer fights you.  Magic
in the way that something finally
gives.  I know, love.

I know.

Believe me, please.
You won’t be rabid

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