Bonus Cut Poetry: “Whatever It Takes” by Abby Conklin



This is Bonus Cut Poetry, a series that features original poems by Bonus Cut staff, artists and YOU! In this series, our mission is to bring people together in poetry, share stories and display wonderful artistic pieces. If you would like to have your poems in the next Bonus Cut Poetry installment, just email us at

This installment features Bonus Cut’s own Abby Conklin.

Whatever It Takes
By: Abby Conklin

Shout out to Bel Kaufman; RIP
Sorry for what?
Turn down for what?
Yo, but that music video
Shut up, I’m trying to get his attention.
Shut up.  Turn down.
YO, sorry for WHAT?
He’s talking to himself again.
Yo, don’t we get paid
to listen to him talk to himself?
Yo, Flash Gordon over here.
Yo, which ONE?  He’s got
them all running like that
now.  Wait, stop him before
he- SHIT.
Is she okay?
Yo, that’s what you get
when you five years old
and so messed up you won’t
get up off the floor.
Yo but didn’t her brother PUSH
her there?
Did he take his meds today?
I dunno- the older one’s acting normal,
so I know he did.  But maybe
mom’s giving them the same
dose again.
Yo.  NO.
Shit’s insane.
No, the kids are.
The kids are not the shit.
I thought we were excited
about them-
Yo, FUCK you!
Is it nine yet?
Are they done yet?
Have you left yet, is it raining
yet, has it stopped raining
yet, yo, where you at?
Yo, where you at, I wanna
get an ice, but the dude’s gonna leave
before my lunch.
Yo, where you goin’
for lunch?
That a chopped cheese?
Yo, you eat some shit.
Yo, YOU eat some shit.
Yo, alla you shut up, I’m on
the phone with my child’s school.
Oh shit.
Is it two yet?  You leave
a message?  Where you goin’?
You finish your lesson plan?
Yo, CHILL, seriously.  Y’all do not
have to be this turned up
by recess.
Yo, where you at, her moms is here.
Yo, I JUST got my shit started
and now you takin’ her?
Yo, not my fault.
My man, there are TWO HOURS LEFT
of program-
Sotto Voce: yo, ‘an why can’t
you take HIM instead?
Yo, I can’t with you.
Yeah, yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah,
yeah.  Yeah, you, go home, YO
I’m here to observe.
Yo, observe what?
Your academic project lesson.
Yo, you put that on my morning
schedule.  I am not doing that shit
at 2:33 P-M.
Yo, well NOTHIN’, you can come
back another-
No, imma just take notes now.
Hey, you better fill out an incident
report for that.
Yo, there aren’t any more.
Says who?!
Yo, I was in there THIRTY
MINUTES AGO after he bit
him.  We out.
Yo, yeah, we totally out.
Print more.
Yo, your printer’s broke.
Go to headquarters.
Yo, only half my team came
in today, I’m not about to leave-
Yo, she’s goin’ home.
Copy.  Copy that.  Yo,
your dad’s here, go.  Can anyone
tell me-
Hey, I’m gonna go now.
Yo, you left your notebook.
Miss, miss, when are we gonna-
OFFA HIM.  Are you-
Sorry!  I’m sorry.
Sorry for what?

I’m sorry.

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  1. Bonus Cut Poetry: “Whatever It Takes” by Abby Conklin | Bonus Cut
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