The Creators

Daniel Hodgman: Creator, web mechanic, editor-in-chief and contributing writer.


I’m here simply to connect people, learn, help people learn, help people understand, give help wherever it’s needed, and love whenever possible. With Bonus Cut, my mission is to start educational programs that take an alternative approach to learning and incorporate hip-hop, media and poetry to engage the youth.

One love yall.

Gus Navarro: Co-creator, content editor, contributing writer and interview specialist.


I was initially drawn to hip-hop because of the political and socially conscious lyricism that can be found in much of the music. Early on, I only thought of hip-hop as a musical genre that involved sampling and rapping. Now I understand hip-hop as a strong, vibrant culture that exists on a global scale. The music, breaking, art, film, writing and fashion culminate to form an opportunity where collaboration and self-expression becomes possible. In college I studied humanities and focused on education as liberation. In critical education, there is an emphasis on creating an environment for students to share their stories and experiences. Hip-hop is an important educational tool as it provides a space for students to actively share stories about their experiences and engage in community building through the performing arts. This takes learning to another level. To me, hip-hop is a worldview, a way of living and striving for social justice. I will bring this perspective to Bonus Cut.

Justin Cook: Bonus Cut exec., contributing writer and concert review specialist.


Poet. Psychonaut. Lover.

Back when I was just a little baby boy, my brother bought me The Beastie Boys’ Hello Nasty; I’ve been a hip-hop head ever since, riding back-beats across the cosmos. I believe hip-hop unites mind, body and soul with that eternal vibration – it’s a feeling.

Here at Bonus Cut, I’m interested in the ancient art of the MC: lyrics, delivery, presence and spirituality. I see direct links between shamanism and our current hip-hop culture. It’s my job to uncover these intersections and resurrect the unity of our collective consciousness, past and present, to empower the Great Soul.

I’m all about living the hip-hop tao, working hard and playing harder. That’s just the “way” it is.

Abby Conklin: contributing writer, poet and visionary. 


I was the last kid in my first grade class to learn how to read properly. I would sit on the floor of the coat closet, racing a friend through Boxcar Children books, and lose every single time. BUT, for some reason or another, I could write. I could write stacks of sentence fragments on pieces of paper, and somehow remember what I had written well enough to “read” it aloud on parent’s night. This was apparently a cool thing. So now, I actually can read, and I do it too fast for my family to buy me books for presents anymore because I am a cost-negative investment, there. Also, I still like writing poetry better than full sentences.

Other things I dig: youth development, teaching yoga, cities, deserts and dinners with friends that turn into massive socio-analytical debates.

Harry Jadun: contributing writer and inventor of the three-pronged attack. 


I am currently a sophomore on the tennis team at Michigan State University studying English and Journalism. I like to think that I bring the street to the courts.

My life changed forever when I realized I could plug the red and white RCA cords of a DVD player and the yellow RCA cord of a PlayStation 2 into the same TV. From that point on Final Fantasy, accompanied by various classic hip-hop albums, filled my childhood. My love for hip-hop has only grown since, as each and every day it teaches me new things through the cracked screen of my iPod.

Outside of being a writer and tennis player, I am also a FIFA connoisseur, bare-handed floor hockey goalie, and an avid supporter of Kanye West’s twitter rants. Oh, and I cooked and ate while walking at high school graduation. Shout out to Based God.

Uba Anyadiegwu: contributing writer and staff member. 


The last name is pronounced “ON-YAH-DE-EGG-WOO.”

I grew up in Somerset, New Jersey and I’m now currently living in East Lansing, MI. However, my current home resides in West Lafayette, Indiana where the “oh so great” Purdue Boilermakers are. I am a sophomore at this wonderful University and I am studying Industrial Technology/Industrial Distribution.

HIP-HOP is my main hobby. As a student, most colleagues lose sleep to studying; I lose sleep to music listening.

I also love watching and playing soccer. Currently, I am the starting defensive center back on the University’s club soccer team. I am also the treasurer of this fine club that we have.

I spend my other spare time dominating people in FIFA. I AM the best FIFA player in East Lansing and a much more elite player than Harry Jaden.

Phil McGuigan: film producer, cameraman, contributing writer and film editor. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.54.32 PM

I am a recent graduate at Michigan State University. There, I studied Media and Information. I have been interested in production for a long time and I get a lot of enjoyment from every aspect of it. Hip-hop is something that has been in my life for a long time too. I remember the first album I purchased with my own money was The Black Album by Jay-Z. Today, I love hearing new artists that emerge into the realm of hip-hop, along with finding hidden gems of past eras.

Manny Done: poet and contributing writer. 


Most people will remember me as the guy who wore sweatpants all of the time, made all of the dirty jokes and laughed at people when they were at their most serious about something. I like to think that I am the guy who just enjoys putting a smile on everyone’s face whenever I get a chance. I’ve been called everything from a nerd to an undercover black guy, whatever the fuck that means… (Oh, I know, I just don’t want to seem ignorant by playing ignorant)…see what i did there? Anyway, I enjoy watching all kinds of movies and listening to all kinds of music. My favorite movie of all time has to be The Last Samurai as I am fascinated with the culture and discipline of the samurai. My favorite band has to be the Deftones because they combine melodic riffs with an aggressive tone. And of course I have a favorite rapper!!! His name is Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. The amount of stuff I care about can’t possibly be listed, but I’ll try anyway: basketball, video games, comics, movies, music, poetry, parties, “dancing”, laughing and having a good time with my peeps…oh wait, I guess they can…

Victor Anderson: contributing writer, music review juggernaut.

party hat

I’m just a kid who lives life doing what he wants to do and doing what he likes to do. I’m an avid believer in the BASED philosophy which states that one should stay positive, promote positivity and stay creative. (TYBG)

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