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Mixing Hip-Hop Tunes With Basketball: Bonus Cut’s Sweet Sixteen Celebration



By: Daniel Hodgman

In this installment I will quickly go over some interesting storylines that have happened thus far in the tournament. I will also assign more hip-hop cuts to teams in the Sweet Sixteen and re-predict the Elite Eight and Final Four given what I’ve seen so far.

Ah, what a first weekend it was. There was a load of barnburners (SF Austin and VCU, Kentucky and Wichita St.), the pleasantly shocking upsets (Dayton, Mercer, Stanford) and the merciless dominance of some heavy-hitters (Arizona, Baylor, Michigan). This goes without saying that, just like any other year, this year’s parity played itself out like a finely tuned fiddle. Who would have predicted a Dayton vs. Stanford Sweet Sixteen game in Memphis? Who had Tennessee playing Michigan in Indy? Would you have guessed Baylor had the power to hold Doug McDermott, one of the greatest offensive players in the history of college basketball, to just 15 points in a 30 point thrashing of McDermott’s Creighton Blue Jays? Smell that? Mmmm madness.

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