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Hip-Hop Happenings and Collaboration: March of the Drums for Stacy


By: Justin Cook

Last Friday, I had the privilege to attend my first “beat battle.” The event was put on by our friends at Back Beat Magazine and All of the Above, a hip-hop academy based out of Lansing, Michigan. The event was a fundraiser for Michigan State graduate Stacy Blakeslee, who was recently diagnosed with a severe staph infection that has spread to her brain. Because of gaps in insurance coverage, and America’s faulty healthcare system, Stacy’s family has been burdened with hospital bills and other medical/emotional expenses. Considering the situation, it only makes sense that the hip-hop community would reach out and help a local family in need; and I must say, this event was all about the love and support for Stacy and her family.


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Back Beat Magazine Visits Jay-Z and the Magna Carter World Tour


Our friend Ella Campbell over at Back Beat Magazine recently took a trip to the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan to experience greatness: a Jay-Z show. Talking about the thrill of the show, analyzing the philosophy of hip-hop shows in general and sharing the concert’s highlights, Ella takes us on a first-hand experience of a Jay-Z concert.

Head on over to Back Beat Magazine and check out their marvelous work and read the article here.

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