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The Power of Action and Hip-Hop: What’s Happening With Cablevision and James Dolan


By: Gus Navarro

In January 2012, the technicians of the New York City based cable company, Cablevision, came together and voted to form a union as part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA). At that time, Cablevision workers in Brooklyn voted 180 to 86 to join the CWA Local 1109 despite the company’s vigorous anti-union campaign, becoming the first of the company’s workers to organize in what is largely a union-free industry. However, in June 2012 there was another vote concerning the formation of a union. The result was another landslide, this time with 43 workers voting in favor of unionization and 121 workers voting against it. In the time between the January and June votes, Cablevision officials such as C.E.O. James Dolan came under fire for threatening employees that voted for unionization and for attempting to sway the election in favor of no unions. According to the Huffington Post, Cablevision officials took part in:

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