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My Wet Hot American Summer (Playlist)

rain cry kid

By: Victor Anderson

Do I live in Seattle? Oh, I don’t? I live North Carolina? You could’ve fooled me because for the past three or so weeks every time that I look up I see dark clouds full of water just waiting to drop down on us like some kind of aquatic kamikaze.

But it’s summer!

Summer is supposed to be filled with dry and sweltering heat that should leave you craving a cold brew or a dip into the pool, while being struck by lightning during the summer shouldn’t even cross your mind. One would think that all this precipitation would be good for the crops but think again, they’re becoming flooded. I can’t even skate to work because the pavement is too slick and I’d probably die, so I’m forced to settle for a nice soaking walk in the down pour. I’ve never dealt with such fickle weather in my life.

In the morning, the sun shines loud and proud and the day seems promising and then the rain literally rains on its parade. For some reason, the weather switches moods like a pregnant woman because after the light shower, the sun pops back up; cue muggy humidity. Enjoy the shine while it lasts because if the darkness forming above is any indication, more rain is coming and boy does it deliver. The sky opens up an ocean and people go haywire and this continues for the rest of the day.

Who knows when we’ll be free of these schizophrenic weather patterns? I sure as hell don’t, so I decided to make a playlist to reflect our current weather conditions. From up-tempo, bright summer jammy jams to low-tempo dreary ballads and such. The playlist flows as erratically as our current summer weather so feel free to play this anytime of the day, it just might fit.

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